Blackjack Basic Strategy Guide

The distinctive feature of a good blackjack player is his ability to count cards, because the result of a game depends not only on you good luck but on a strategy of a game. The player's choice plays very important role in blackjack and has an impact on its outcome.

There you can find basic blackjack strategy that will help to achieve success and gain necessary skills to play blackjack.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

  • Flat Betting is considered to be the best blackjack strategy, which was mathematically proven. This method offers the best benefits in long run game. The positive side of this method is that you take an advantage of you good combinations of cards.
  • Being on a winning streak you will not win such an amount of money as you could win. If you lose you have an opportunity to minimize you loses.
  • Card counting is the best and most widespread method on your way to the victory. Professional card counters advice doing flat betting while counting the cards not to attract attention to you. Communication with the dealer will help you to know his/her better and draw his/her attention away from you. After this you can begin gradually raising you bets.
  • Very often many players are afraid of fingering the cards. Many of them think that they'll receive 10 points, as it happens very often and stay with having 12-hand, for example. This is a great mistake as player' losing chances rise on 4%.
  • Never use dealer's tactics, as you lose many chances to win, because you don't split and double the cards.

Using our basic strategy you will liquidate usual 5% casino advantage over the novice player. The strict withholding of the basic blackjack strategy is a perfect decision of any player. Some people think that it is impossible to hold this strategy and count the cards, but you should look for favorable playing conditions and try your strength.

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