The House Edge

The House Edge is something that can be deceiving at times. Although they give you a standard house edge during the game, that is not what you should be concerned with. What you need to do to find the true house edge is take the standard house edge and add all the rules that are in your favor. After that, subtract all rules that are against you, which will reveal the true house edge. Giving you this information isn't to scare you, it's to teach you how to tilt the odds into your favor.

By using certain tactics, you may be able to bring yourself to a level that has even odds with the casino. If you just blindly play a table, the house edge will range from 2% to 5%, but you can narrow it down to a tiny .5% if you know what you are looking for.

Now, the casino is aware of these odds, and they will do what they can to make sure they have the edge over you. Here are some of the most common ways a casino will implement to impede your winnings.

Buying Insurance

Never, ever buy insurance if you are simply playing blackjack for fun. The only time you should buy insurance is if you are counting cards, otherwise, stay away from it. Insurance always favors the casino, so unless you know you will win, it's not worth getting it.

High Number of Decks Played

The decks are changed regularly during a Blackjack game, which affects the outcome of the cards. If the casino you are playing at has several decks it plays, it is tilting the odds in its favor, and against you. If you are looking to win, find a lesser known casino that plays fewer decks, and your chances will increase.

Using a Shuffling Device

For a person playing Blackjack just for fun, having a clean set of cards can be an advantage. If you are counting cards, however, this will not work to your advantage. Of course, even a person who isn't aware of the shuffling machine will eventually lose out because the machine allows the dealer to give out more hands than a regular game would. Because of this, the casino makes up for all of its losses by simply playing more games and earning more money. For example, if the house edge is 4%, you will end up losing $4 for every $100 dollars you spend. Add this to the increase in hands, which is about 20% more hands every hour, and you will begin to see how the casino makes up for lost money.

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