Blackjack Trainer

Who Does the Blackjack Trainer Benefit?

Have you ever though about learning Blackjack, but never had the courage to ask anyone or didn't know where to start? With the Blackjack Trainer, you can learn while you play, all in the comfort of your own home. Designed to teach you the very basics of Blackjack and slowly increase the skill level, the Blackjack trainer is made for beginners who want to advance their ability to play.

By using the software an hour a day, you will be able to go through all of the given lessons in just 5 weeks. Here is what you will learn each week as you go through each method:

1. Strategy

2. Starting to play on your own

3. Playing without any assistance

4. Learning to bet properly

5. Playing as you would a normal game of Blackjack

As you can see, the Blackjack trainer increases the lessons each week so that there is a progressive growth in what you do.

How to Train

If you already have the software, here is what you need to set your Blackjack Trainer to so that you can take part in the 5 week course.

To learn strategy (week 1) be sure to turn on the "force basic" function, which will help you memorize the rules. For week 2, turn on the "warn basic" function, which will not assist you as much, but warn you when crucial mistakes are made. Week 3 can be done by leaving the "assistance" off, making you play on your own.

Week 4 begins the lessons in betting, which can be started by turning on the "train deck" function. When you feel confident enough in week 5, leave all assistance off and you will have finished the 5 week course.

Effectiveness of the Program

As you can see, Blackjack trainer is made for beginners, but was also designed by someone who has lost over $1,500 of their own money before leaning the steps. After the program was written, that same person was able to make a $500 profit back in winning by using the methods he designed.

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