Rules How to Play Blackjack Online

Can you guess the most popular game in world You think its dominoes, hide-and-seek or names. But you are mistaken! It is blackjack - famous casino card game, known as twenty-one. To play blackjack you should completely understand its rules and peculiarities. Online blackjack is considered to be the king of casino games, its rules are simple and there is a great possibility to win.

Specifics of the Game

  • Online blackjack can be played with 1 - 8 decks of cards;
  • Gamblers can play with one hand or several hands at the same time;
  • It can be played with minimum $1 bets;
  • The aim is to get 21 points or near without exceeding them;
  • Card values: Ace= 1 or 11, Face cards=10, 2s-10s=according their value;
  • It is played between a player and a dealer;
  • One of the dealer's cards is faced down, both player's cards are faced up.

How to Play Blackjack Online

1. First of all players put their bets.

2. Online dealer gives two cards for himself and then each gambler.

3. First decides to hit or stand the player to the dealer's left.

4. After the first cards are dealt, the croupier's hand is counted as the biggest possible.

5. If you hand exceeded 21 you lose you bet.

6. If you are content with you hand, the croupier shows his hand and the winner is obvious.

7. The sign on the table "Dealer Must Hit on Soft 17" means that a dealer has to take an additional card to a starting hand of 6 and an Ace.

8. You win when a dealer has lower score, if the scores are of the same value, you "push" and there are no winners and losers.

Blackjack Combination

Two first cards with a total score of 21 are called "Blackjack". It pays 3:2 and is of a higher rank than three or more cards hand of 21.

Blackjack Bets

  • Insurance Bet. You can make it if a dealer has an Ace after dealt of starting cards. Players place them for safeguard against dealer's blackjack.
  • Even Money. The croupier proposes a player to take Even Money, if you have a blackjack hand and the dealer shows an Ace (his/her up card). It is recommender to decline these bets.
  • Early Surrender. Players pass and lose only a half of their bets.
  • Splitting Pairs. You have an opportunity to split paired cards and play with two hands with equal bets.
  • Double Down. Duplication of player's bet. After this it is possible to receive only one additional card.
  • Late Surrender. Is possible before a dealer accepts extra cards. Players lose only half of their bets.

Now you are ready to test yourself on practice. All is left to do is to switch on the computer, download blackjack, take a comfortable place and enjoy playing this exciting online game!

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