Basic Strategy

The Concept

A deck of cards with higher number, from tens up to aces, is good for the player while the opposite is true for the dealer. Furthermore, a deck with a higher number of these cards is an advantage for the player because it increases the chances of a bust from the dealer. People who count cards will increase or decrease their bet, depending on how the odds are looking for them. This way, they are able to predict which hands will win and, therefore, bet more on them and earn more money.

Although most people don't know it, card counting is not about memorization. Card counters simply assign a point score to each number, and only have to remember the total. This tactic can also be seen in the movie Rain Man.

Potential Winnings from Counting Cards

A person who plays with no strategy at all usually plays with house edge of half of a percent, very low for any player. A person who counts cards can lift that percentage up to one percent. Although it doesn't seem like much, the difference in winnings will tell a different story. Of course, the actual percentage of success depends on the player's skill as well. A person who is counting cards still only has a 25 percent chance to raise his bet during a game.

Looking from a different angle, if the person playing makes an average of $1,000 a bet, a one percent advantage equals $10 for every hand. That means that if he can win $500 is 50 hands are dealt in an hour.

Even though this may seem like a fail-safe plan, trained card counters know that it is necessary to set aside a large sum of cash before anything can be won. Counting cards takes practice and patience, but it can lead to big winnings in the end.

Also, be advised that even is the higher counts become available, the player's chances do not change dramatically. The winnings from counting cards does not come from simply winning, but from doing things like doubling down at the right time. Hours of practice are needed before a profit can be made from counting cards, but the chances are significantly higher than playing without using the tactic. Since there are several different methods of counting cards, find the one that works for you and use it to start winning big!

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