Card Counting

The Advantage that comes with Counting Cards

Several forms of computer software have been run to test this theory, and they have shown that counting cards is, indeed, advantageous to a person who uses the system. To put it simply, a low running count will move the odds in favor of the dealer while the opposite is true for the player. The reason why a high count is beneficial to the player is because blackjacks are more frequent, the dealer busts more often, double downs have a higher success rate, and insurance becomes an option for profit.

A skilled player is able to fuse his Blackjack skills with counting cards, making him an even fiercer opponent. It would be very difficult to win a game of Blackjack without counting cards, especially since the odds are tipped against you from the beginning. This is why it is necessary to do what you can so that you have a chance of winning.

What is a Running Count and What is a True Count?

It is crucial for a person who wants to count cards to understand what a running count is, and that is different from a true count. A running count is the count that starts right as the deck is being played. When playing with only one deck, the true count and the running count will be the same. When playing with more than one deck, however, the true count is found by dividing the running count by the number of decks that are left or have not been played yet. Knowing the difference between these two numbers will help you choose when to raise the stakes and when to play it safe.

A person who counts cards while utilizing the standard strategy is able to raise their gain the upper hand by 1% over the house. Now, this number can still increase or decrease, depending on the player's skill and what hands are dealt. Playing Blackjack without any strategy gives the house an advantage of 2%, but that advantage can quickly decrease to a mere .5% once the standard strategy is implemented. If you combine these odds with counting cards, you can begin to see where the advantages lie.

Counting cards takes time and patience; it is not something you learn overnight. If you study and learn the technique, however, it can become a powerful ally for you when you play Blackjack.

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