The Purpose of this Guide

There are too many online casinos for a person to play them, and it would cost too much to do so anyways. Because of this, it was discovered that it would be easier to review the software that most major casinos use. In essence, there are 3 major companies that online casinos go to for software, which means that most of them will be alike in many ways. Granted, there may be some differences from each site, but the basic engine and functions will be the same.

Providing ratings based on the software gives you another advantage as well. No matter what site you go to, you can decide by the software they use whether they are good or not, so you're not tied down to a specific site. This also gives you the freedom to still choose a site that works for you, looking a member bonuses and such.

There are 3 major software development companies that have designed the programs used by online casinos. This guide will go through each of those companies, listing the benefits to each one.

The Big 3

Microgaming Casinos is the first designer to be examined, and they are also one of the fastest growing ones as well. Online gaming used to be governed by two forms of gambling, gambling to win online and gambling to win money. Thanks to Microgaming Casinos, those two issues have been fused together, creating adequate payout timetables. This is the reason why so many new online casinos are picking up Microgaming Casinos, it benefits both the players as well as the casino itself.

Real Time Gaming Casinos, also known as RTG Casinos, is another major software provider for online casinos. The problem that can occur with RTG is that since so many sites use their software, not all of them are honest. This can become an issue when you are playing online, so if you see a site that uses RTG, be sure you trust the site before you use it.

Vegas Technology is the final developer that will be examined. This company is essentially the same as the English Harbour Entertainment Group, since it is owned by them. Vegas Technology has been around since the beginning of online gaming, and has earned a reputation for providing adequate payouts as well. The range of payouts can satisfy both casual and hardcore players alike. The graphics are crisp and simple, and most English Harbour Entertainment sites provide a nice incentive to join as well.

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